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It is imperative for us, at Yulstay, to provide unparalleled service to all our customers; this service consists of simplifying the real estate investment process for our local and international clients.

Our mission is simple

Help our customers invest in Montreal with complete peace of mind by offering result oriented real estate investment services with the highest degree of transparency.

We hold true to our mission and are able to deliver on it by focusing on our three core elements:

Peace of mind

Our one stop shop approach connects you to every professional service required for the purchase of a property such as:

  • Top performing mortgage specialists from different financial institutions
  • Highly qualified and experienced inspectors
  • Insurance brokers
  • Notaries
  • Accountant
  • Contractors
  • Property managers
  • And more…


Part of our added value consists of cultivating long lasting relationships with our investors, sellers and developers. This allows us to always deliver new and interesting investment opportunities. 

Maintaining a high degree of transparency also means investors can contact us at all times about any opportunity or simply to discuss their current investments.

As part of our services, we develop a realistic forecast of the investments and are always ready to assess the results in comparison.


As real estate investors ourselves, we understand the importance of results. 

We have consistently delivered a high return on investment on properties under our management, a performance we strive to exceed every year.

The fertile combination of expertise, strong relationships, solid partnerships, and fantastic clients has helped us nurture a rich ecosystem that has become a wellspring for our mutual success. 

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