It is imperative to understand the current market condition and draft a proper strategy tailored to you and your property. The goal is always to increase visibility and generate a high level of interest in order to maximize value.

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Our mission is simple

Help our clients sell their property with complete peace of mind by offering result-oriented strategies and services with the highest degree of transparency. We hold true to our mission and are able to deliver on it by focusing on our three core elements.

Peace of mind

Our team has an 18 + 1 step plan of action that has been proven to alleviate you from all the stress associated with the sale of your property.

Submit your home to our local Multiple Listing Service (Centris).

Price your home competitively to open the market vs. narrowing the market.

Promote your home at the company sales meeting.

Develop a list of features of your home for the brokers to use with their potential.

Email a features sheet to the top 20 agents in the marketplace for their buyers.

Suggest and advise as to any changes you may want to make in your property to make it more saleable.

Constantly update you as to any changes in the marketplace.

Prospect 3 hours per day and talk to 40 people per day looking for potential buyers.

Contact, over the next seven days my buyer leads, Center of Influence, and Past Clients for their referrals and prospective buyers.

Add additional exposure through a professional sign and lock box.

Whenever possible, prequalify the prospective buyers.

Keep you aware of the various methods of financing that a buyer might want to use.

When possible, have the cooperating Broker in the area tour your home.

Follow up on the salespeople who have shown your home for their feedback and response.

Assist you in arranging interim financing if necessary.

Represent you on all offer presentations to assist you in negotiating the best possible price and terms.

Handle all the follow up upon an offer being accepted all mortgage, title, and other closing procedures.

Deliver your check at closing.


We take the time to properly explain the current market conditions and what our step-by-step strategy to sell your property will be. We pride ourselves in maintaining a high level of communication throughout the entire process to ensure that all your questions and concerns are addressed.


Our tailor made strategies have a proven track record showing that we continuously deliver on our promise to maximize your returns.